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Wael Talaat set a Record High Break in 6Reds

Wael Talaat - Egypt Wael Talaat - Egypt IBSF Media

Egyptian player Wael Talaat becomes the first player in the history of 6Reds snooker to score break of 83 points. The maximum possible in 6Reds is 75 but this is possible with the free ball after foul committed by the opponent and the same happened in this match as well.

Milad Elabbar of Libya missed the contact on red balls in the break shot and the swerved cue ball landed back near blue ball leaving free ball option for Wael. He opted the blue as free ball and positioned black to break the bunch. Rest he continued precisely from there to clear the table scoring maximum possible 'with free ball' in 6Reds.

Apart from this break, the match will also be remembered for No-Score by the opponent Milad Elabbbar. Wael scored breaks in all four frames at every first opportunity to score. The final result was 71(71)-00, 87(83)-00, 36-00 and 46(46)-00

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