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Vivek Pathak - Media Officer, IBSF

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Darren Morgan obtained top-seed for 6Reds knockout

Men's 6Red group stage of 2013 IBSF World 6Reds Championship ended today late night and Darren Morgan (Wales) succeeded to gain top seed followed by Mohammed Al Joaker (UAE), Muhammad Sajjad (Pakistan) and Fung Kwok Wai (Hong Kong) and advanced to Last 32 in total 60 players format.

Click here to check the complete knockout draw.

Malgorzata Sikorska knocked out Hannah Jones

Malgorzata Sikorska from Poland created an upset in Last 24 stage when she defeated one of the tournament favourite Hannah Jones of England.

It was not easy for Sikorska to knockout a player like Jones who started the match with break of 47 points clearance but Sikorska kept her nerves under control and recovered in second frame by 8 points (33-25) to level the match 1-all.

Alex Taubman finishes the match in record 25 minutes

Alext Taubman from Wales finished his 6Reds match against Sander Tierolf (Netherlands) in record 25 minutes. Alex produced two breaks of 70 (TC) and 67 points to outplay Sander. Sander managed to get only 7 points in third frame as a foul from Alex. Eventually all frames remained blank for him. Scoreline: 70(70)-00, 43-00, 67(67)-07, 48-00

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