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Advani - Hall played a very high quality match

The second session of today had a house pack audience on centre table of Northern Snooker Centre to witness an exciting match between Pankaj Advani and Rob Hall. The spectators had no disappointment as both the players exhibited their best and entertained everyone with a very high quality contest. However, one had to win and Advani did but both the cueists deserved to be acknowledged as winners in the virtual land.


Peter, Hall started timed format campaign with big breaks

The defending champion, Peter Gilchrist of Singapore exhibited clinical game of billiards today morning and started his campaign in timed format of World Billiards 2014. He was playing against Wayne Doyle of Ireland where first he made a break of 103 and then the massive one 551 to reach total score of 976 in two hours game of round robin. In response to that Doyle managed 243 before losing to Gilchrist.

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