Issara Kachaiwong hits the maximum at IBSF World Snooker 2016

Issara Kachaiwong of Thailand hits the maximum 147 to close the proceedings of his Last-64 match against Peter McCullagh of Australia here at 2016 IBSF World Snooker Championship in Doha.

Issara started up with a long red pot in top pocket and after that he sliced up each red precisely with a combination of black followed by the colours to carry through the last black and claimed the maximum.

Worth mentioning that in third frame also he made a century break of 108 points.

The match referee was Johan Hansson of Sweden and he was also happy that he officiated the first 147 of his career. He mentioned that he was very close to 147 in 2011 IBSF World Championship where Hossein Vafaei of Iran made an attempt and missed after making 120.

Those who missed that frame, watch it now:

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