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UAE win back to back matches

Team UAE 1 (Men) Team UAE 1 (Men) IBSF Media

In Men category of 2013 IBSF World Team Snooker championship, UAE's Mohammed Shehab and Mohmmed Al Joaker defeated team Wales1 4-1. Shehab won the first frame against Duane Jones 67-27 and Joaker added another frame win by defeating Alex Taubman on black ball game 57-54. In the doubles frame too Shehab created a break of 65 points to gain 3-0. Though it was late but in fourth frame Duane Jones produced a break of 65 points in order to defeat Jaoker 71-53 but again in next frame Shehab defeat Alex 74-21 and won the match 4-1.

UAE1 played next match in session two and in that Shehad gave a good start by crafting 65 points break and pocketed the frame. Joaker continued by winning next frame and in doubles they both dominated to confirm match win. Though Joaker lost the fourth frame to John Sutton where Sutton produced a break of 67 points but in next frame Shehab again produced a break of 64 points to seal the match 4-1.

On the other side, the second team from UAE lost the decider frame and match to team England 2. Khalid Kamali opened the frame with a break of 68 points but Abdul Rahman lost the next frame 41-67 to Darran Lock. UAE pulled back the doubles frame but further Abdul lost the reverse single and in decider Kamali did not get a chance to score and lost the frame 01-77.

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