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Suckakree hits first 75 of competition, but lost the match

Suckakree Poomjang from Thailand Suckakree Poomjang from Thailand IBSF Media

Suckakree Poomjang from Thailand hits first maximum (75) of World 6Reds Championship 2018 in today’s Last-16 match, but remained unlucky to lost the match 3-4 from Varun Madan of India.

Suckakree was down 1-2 when he crafted this maximum break to bring the match at par and then managed to take up 3-2 by winning another frame but after that Varun held his nerve much better and curtailed him in sixth frame 57-01 to level again.

The deciding frame was considerably tight and went till the last black where Varun succeeded to defeat him with a score 30-21.

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