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Peter lost to Aung San Oo

Aung San Oo of Myanmar Aung San Oo of Myanmar IBSF Media
On second day of World Billiards 2018 – 150 Up format, Peter Gilchrist from Singapore got a last minute chance to save his group stage match against Aung San Oo of Myanmar but after making few points in deciding game, he missed out leaving open chance to Aung San Oo, who made balance points and won 3-2.

Earlier Peter won first frame by scoring break of 77 but Aung San Oo claimed next to stay at par. In third Peter once again crafted breaks of 51 and 97unfinished to take 2-1 lead but after that Aung San Oo surprised Peter once again by crafting unfinished break of 150 points to take him to the deciding game.

In decider, Aung San crafted match winning break of 77 points when Peter missed at crucial stage.

With this result, the group D has now become interesting where Peter Gilchrist, Alok Kumar and Aung San Oo are heading towards three-way-tie.
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