Laxman fires back-to-back two centuries and a ninety

Laxman Rawat - India Laxman Rawat - India IBSF Media
Today’s highlight was the match between Luo Honghao of China and India’s young talent, Laxman Rawat. Laxman won that 4-1 showing excellent break building technique with two centuries and a 91 in response to Luo’s 109 in second frame.

After winning the first scrappy frame, Laxman received century break of 109 points against him, which again put him on level in the match. Luo was eying to take lead but after scoring 46 in third, he lost the position.

Then, Laxman returned to the baize and responded with 91 points clearance. Even after that, he did not stop and quickly wrapped up the match 4-1 powered by two centuries in next two frames (101, 100).

Many spectators praised his style of playing snooker. Even the referee in-charge commented on social media “Unlucky it wasnt possible to extend that match to best of 25”.
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