Advani retains his World Billiards 150Up title

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The World Billiards 150Up format title is now retained once again by Indian player Pankaj Advani. Today in the final he defeated Mike Russell of England 6-2 at Al-Arabi Sports Complex, Doha to claim his 17th World title.

Today’s match was certainly a high-magnitude where Russell started off exceptionally well with an unfinished break of 155 points to take 1-nil lead. He was on fire and quickly moved on to another break in second game too but on 89 points, he lost position because of the kick, which allowed Advani into the play. He took few shots to settle-down himself and once settled, geared up himself with a well-controlled break of 53 to secure first game for him.

From there the contest began. In the next game where Advani had a break of 92, but Mike scored two breaks of 84 and 67 to stay ahead. Advani again countered that challenge with an unfinished break of 151. That 151 must have helped Advani to explore himself further as he posted two more similar breaks in fifth and sixth game to take 4-2 lead (both 151 unfinished).

By that time he had moved too ahead and it became quite difficult for Russell to chase him. Though he attempted in seventh game but missed twice on important occasions. While Advani was at ease and posted another break of 145 to broaden the already wide gap.

In eighth game when Russell missed and Advani got the position, it was mere formality for him to close proceedings of the match, which he did with unfinished break of 110 points.

Delighted Advani said “Once I got the first game, I felt that I am out here to play my best today. Never thought of anything else apart to do my job and enjoy my game. I am surprised that I played so well, as it was since some time that I played such solid billiards.”

About holding World Billiards in Qatar, Advani termed it a great move to have new venues especially in the nations that doesn’t play much billiards and Qatar has always been supportive for Cue Sports promotion and gradually becoming central hub for Snooker, Billiards and Pool.

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