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Team India-1 confirms top-seed for the World Team knockouts

TEAM INDIA-1: Pankaj Advani & Laxman Rawat TEAM INDIA-1: Pankaj Advani & Laxman Rawat IBSF Media

Indian team comprises of their ace cueist Pankaj Advani and Laxman Rawat has confirmed their presence with top-seed slot for the Last-18 single elimination round of World Team Snooker Men championship.

In group C, they won all three matches they played carrying scores of 5-0, 4-1 and 5-0. The 4-1 score was against Pakistan-2 where Laxman missed the first frame against Babar Masih of Pakistan.

Today they played the last league match against ABSF-2 team comprises of Mahmoud Alhareedi and Mohamed Ismail of Egypt. Most of the frames were almost one-sided but in second frame Ismail took a lead initially, which later curtailed by Advani to seal that frame too.

The other team qualified from Group is Pakistan-2 who won two matches out of three they played.

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