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Nikolly becomes first Brazilian women player to enter knockouts of any IBSF event

Nikolly Kyriacopoulo - Brazil Nikolly Kyriacopoulo - Brazil IBSF Media

Brazilian player Nikolly Kyriacopoulo finishes No.2 in Group B and qualifies for the knockout stage of World Open Under-18 Girls Snooker Competition. With this she becomes the first ever women player from Brazil to enter in the knockout stage of any IBSF event.

As informed by her parents, the 12-year-old Nikolly (nick name Ninca) studies in 6th grade in her school and gives most of her free time, after studies, to play snooker. She started playing snooker at the age of 10 and learnt by watching professionals play in Brazil and on videos.

Here in this championship, she also won had beaten multiple time world champion Siripaporn Nuanthakhamjan of Thailand. Even her shots for long pots mesmerized many in audience and sport admirers.

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