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Hong Kong girls has won the World Team Women Championship

Ng On Yee & Ka Kai Wan - Hong Kong Ng On Yee & Ka Kai Wan - Hong Kong IBSF Media

Team Hong Kong-1 is the new champion of IBSF World Team Women Championship. In the final they defeated India-1 in a very interesting match 4-3.

Hong Kong-1 team comprises of former World Champion Ng On Yee and her partner Ka Kai Wan played dominating game initially and secured first two frames with a break of 62 in first.

Team India (Vidya Pillai and Amee Kamani) made an extraordinary comeback in third frame to win 65-47 but Vidya couldn’t save the fourth and lost the frame on black ball to go down 1-3.

In next frame, Amee Kamani curtailed Ka Kai Wan with the score of 55-39 and continued the same momentum in next doubles frame to win 58-47 and set the decider.

In last frame, Ng On Yee potted well and took lead of around 40 points when Amee got a chance to recover. She had a very good chance to go ahead but missed an easy pink in centre pocket leaving all open for Ng On Yee, which she controlled once again and won the frame 82-27 to lift the title.

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