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Thailand has won 2016 World Team Masters championship

Chuchart Trairatnapradit and Phisit Chandsri - Thailand Chuchart Trairatnapradit and Phisit Chandsri - Thailand IBSF Media

Team Thailand has defeated Team India-1 5-1 to win the final of 2016 IBSF World Team Masters Championship, here at Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt.

The best of 9 frames final was well driven by Chuchart Trairattanapradit and reigning world champion Phisit Chandsri as they won first two crucial frames by a very close margin and put extra pressure on Indian duo Rafath Habib and Dharminder Lilly. Though Indian pair also had good chance in these frames but some unforced errors remained costlier to them where Phisit also added a break of 52 points in second frame.

The first doubles frame was one-sided and Thai pair sealed the frame 61-16 and after that Phisit crafted two magnificent breaks of 59 & 56 points to go ahead 4-nil.

In fifth frame, Lilly made a comeback and won the frame 62-37 to narrow down the deficit and then in next doubles frame Indians cracked up with a break of 45 points to take initial lead but Thai pair recovered well and at last planted an excellent snooker behind the pink for brown, which added 21 extra points to their score. After that they potted brown, blue and pink to win the title of Masters Category.

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