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Gulati joins Darren in club75; Hits maximum

Sundeep Gulati - India Sundeep Gulati - India IBSF Media

Today in his last group stage match, Sundeep Gulati from India, surprised former World 6Reds Semi Finalist, Mohsen Bukshaisha of Qatar 4-0 and defeated him in a completely one-sided affair.

During the course, he also scored maximum (75) of 6Reds and joined Darren Morgan of Wales, who scored 75 points break on second day of 2016 World 6Reds tournament.

Gulati was in superb form shut all doors for Qatar boy, who struggled throughout the match even to see a potable ball in all four frames.

Though the first frame had no break but of course was well controlled by Gulati and after that in next two frames he scored breaks of 36 and 38 to carry away the entire match from Mohsen. After that in last frame, he placed himself well for the maximum and successfully accomplished that leaving Mohsen clueless. Final score 40-02,40(36)-00, 62(38)-08, 75(75)-00.

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