Smooth win for Tatjana and Anastasia

Tatjana Vasiljeva - Latvia Tatjana Vasiljeva - Latvia IBSF Media

Former European champion, Tatjana Vasiljeva of Latvia began her campaign in Women 6Reds event on a winning node. She posted a comfortable 3-0 win over Egyptian player Maha Halmy.

Tatjana merely give any chance to Helmy and maintained clear potting throughout the match that helped her winning all three frames with big victory margins (55-09, 57-01, and 47-08).

On the other side, Helmy was completely clueless and couldn’t score much. Finally she had no other option except accepting the defeat.

Russian girl, Anastasia Nechaeva also played her first match today and defeated Iranian player Akram Mohammadi Amini 3-0.

Amini got some chances in all three frames but she failed to capitalize them on time. However, Anastasia constantly made small but effective breaks to seal the frames 40-10, 52-19 and 55-20 and register 3-0 win.

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