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Issara Kachaiwong finishes his match in style

Issara Kachaiwong - Thailand Issara Kachaiwong - Thailand IBSF Media

Issara Kachaiwong from Thailand imposed two century breaks in his today's match against Ahmed Haitham of Yeman. Issara was in good touch and went for a century break in second frame where he scored a break of 102.

On 3-0 lead, he faced some turbulence and lost the frame but taking that as an alert, he imposed a massive break of 130 clearance to win 4-1 against Ahmed Haitham of Yeman.

Former World Champion, Muhammad Asif saved his match against Faisal Khan of India. Faisal dominated the match initially and was leading 3-1 when Asif put in all his efforts to save it and won the fifth frame 104-1. The 6th frame was too close but Asif managed to go through and in decider, he swept away 97-1 to win the match.

In women's group, former European champion, Tatjana Vasiljeva from Latvia lost the first frame on black ball but later she capitalized next three frames to defeat Jennifer Zehentner of Germany 3-1. Tatjana also made an impressive break of 48 points in fourth frame to seal the match 3-1.

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