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Five Points Pankaj

Pankaj Advani - India Pankaj Advani - India IBSF Media

It is rare to witness such a high quality performances where a semi final match finishes just by 5 points difference. This happened today in the match between India's ace cueists Pankaj Advani and Englishman David Causier, where Advani stepped into final of of World Billiards (Timed) Championship 2014 defeating Causier only by 5 points.

During the initial moments of play Advani was down by 100 points but after that undoubtedly he accelerated his scoring in such a brilliant way that soon he gained more than 400 points lead crafting fabulous breaks of 94, 61, 304, 103 and 114 points. The way Advani performed over two weeks (with a title win in point format), hardly anyone would've predicted the most exciting finish of this match.

Causier had already made 83, 96, 62, 92 points breaks but from 400 points trailing, he started chasing the lead and crafted magnificent breaks of 91, 170 and 188 points. By the every second passed, the lead was also getting shorten.

In the last moments of play Advani was on 1170 points when Causier recovered from the score of 1100 and reached till 1173 but a wrong pot selection allowed Advani's visit on table where he made 7 more points and stunned wrongly a cushioned ball that gave another chance to Causier. But in this visit, 'time' did not support Causier and clock alarmed after Causier added only two points in his score.

Advani will now meet another Englishman, Robert Hall, who defeated the other Indian player B. Bhaskar by 154 points. Bhaskar just once got lead over Hall but rest of the time Hall maintained decent lead and knocked out Bhaskar by of 142, 189, 153, 116 points to knockout Bhaskar 978-824.

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