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Advani - Hall played a very high quality match

Pankaj Advani - India Pankaj Advani - India IBSF Media

The second session of today had a house pack audience on centre table of Northern Snooker Centre to witness an exciting match between Pankaj Advani and Rob Hall. The spectators had no disappointment as both the players exhibited their best and entertained everyone with a very high quality contest. However, one had to win and Advani did but both the cueists deserved to be acknowledged as winners in the virtual land.

Advani started his campaign in this match with a quick succession of 133, 196 & 149 points break and was enjoying lead of nearly 450 points, which is a competitive lead in two hours match. But exciting finish was yet to come and it did when Hall started his journey to chase that lead. He imposed first break of 224 points to narrow the lead by 229 points only.

However, Advani continued accelerating his score on his next visit but again when Hall gets the visit, he settled to chase again and moved towards another big break. He was in right direction and at a time it appeared that Hall may win as he brought down the deficit to 40 points only with 3 minutes left but on a dicey shot he missed the red in-off and hopes to win the match.

In next three minutes both played safe and scored points but in the end the Advani declared as winner by 42 points (681-639). The venue applauded loud for both the great players.

Another English player David Causier remained high break scorer for the day. He scored 336 in his match against Ross Doyle of Ireland, which is highest for today so far. However, he made few more breaks i.e. 92, 207, 118, 243, 104, 103 to reach 1533 that also remained high score of the day as well.

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