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IBSF Press Release 17.09.2014

IBSF Press Release 17.09.2014

IBSF Press Release 17-09-2014

“As a result of an incident at the 2014 IBSF World Team and 6 Reds Championships in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt on 25th June 2014, Mike Russell was reported to the IBSF for alleged breaches of the IBSF Disciplinary Rules and Procedures.

At a Hearing before an IBSF Disciplinary Committee that took place on 3rd September 2014 Mike Russell was found guilty to breaches of rules E1.5 and E1.6 of the IBSF Disciplinary Rules and Procedures.

The circumstances were that on 25th June 2014 he was abusive towards the IBSF Media Officer and assaulted another player.

The penalty levied by the committee is that Mike Russell is suspended from playing or attending any and all IBSF events for a period of 2 years (July 5th 2014 – July 4th 2016 inclusive) and he is to pay a fine of US$ 2,000 to the IBSF.

IBSF Disciplinary Rules and Procedures.


E.1.5    misbehaving and/or conducting himself in such a draconian manner that is unbecoming of him and causing disrepute to the game, himself and the IBSF; and

E.1.6    indulging in any unlawful act or acts that is in contravention of the laws of the country in which the said championship is held.


F.1    Any player, referee, delegate, official or representative, unless he can prove that he has acted in good faith and had no reasonable grounds for supposing that the Disciplinary Rules contained herein would or might have been thereby infringed, be guilty of an offence and on conviction shall be liable:

F.1.5    in the event of an offence under Rules E.1.5 & E.1.6 herein, to a fine of US$4,000 and a suspension of three (3) years as aforesaid.

The IBSF wishes to confirm that it has received an appeal from Mike Russell.

This appeal will be heard as soon as possible.


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