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Russian women made good breaks in their teams' match today

Russia vs. Hong Kon Russia vs. Hong Kon IBSF Media

The Russian women team players, Daria Sirotina and Anastasia Nechaeva, displayed good break building during their match against Hong Kong.

The first frame Daria won defeating former world champion Ng On Yee of Hong Kong by 66-43 with the aid of 45 points break. In next frame Anastasia emulates her compatriot and crafted 40 points break to win 72-24 and gained 2-0 lead.

The doubles also when to Russian women. The duo made an impressive break of 40 points despite having alternate shots. That shows their quality skill and understanding each others ability to play so.

In fourth frame also, Daria Sirotina hit another break of 36 points but this time she remained unlucky and lost on black ball. Ka Kai Wan well chased the lead well and despite having close contest, she played the crucial long shot to pot black and succeeded.

In the last frame, Anastasia lost the frame by one point to Ng On Yee (52-51) but anyways, the team Russia had already secured the match 3-2.

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