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Lilly shines after defeating former world champion

Dharminder Lilly - India Dharminder Lilly - India IBSF Media

Dharminder Lilly from India gave a sensational finish to register 4-3 win against former world champion Muhammad Asif of Pakistan.

From 2 frames down, Lilly pulled the third frame by a margin of 15 points.  He came at par with asif by crafting a good break of 66 in fourth frame and by winning the next frame, Lilly gained 3-2 lead over Asif. However, Asif leveled once again by winning sixth frame and set the decider.

In the decider, Lilly missed the last red pot after scoring 30 points. Asif potted that red and continued for clearance but shortly he missed the standard brown pot. After couple of safe shots, Asif got another chance and potted well the brown and blue but on next shot he missed pink. That miss remained costly for him as Lilly potted the much fascinating long shot on the only needed pink and claimed victory.

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