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Unexpected loss of match for Tatjana Vasiljeva

Tatjana Vasiljeva (Latvia) and Arantxa Sanchis (India) Tatjana Vasiljeva (Latvia) and Arantxa Sanchis (India) IBSF Media

Today morning Tatjana Vasiljeva from Latvia was not in her real form and unexpectedly lost her match 3-0 from Arantxa Sanchis of India.

In the first frame Tatjana was missing regular pots but somehow managed to score 16 points. She could have won the frame but remained disappointed as Arantxa got chance to win the match on pink ball pot.

In the next frame also, Tatjana remained completely blank to get scoring shots. She scored only one point before going down 2-0. The same story continues in the third frame as well where she lost the match after scoring only 5 points.

Her score-line says no scoring from her side but it is also true that most of the time she was not getting proper positioning. She also remained unlucky that most of the time when Arantxa missed, her cueball landed safe.

In the last frame also Tatjana had chance to cover the lead and win the frame. She planted brilliant snooker for green but Arantxa's broke and got a fluked green pot. Even in next shot, Arantxa missed the brown and cue ball landed safe behind black. Tatjana had no option left rather congratulating Arantxa after she potted brown in next visit.

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