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Imran made good base to win the match

Imran Shahzad - Pakistan Imran Shahzad - Pakistan IBSF Media

In late night match, Imran Shahzad of Pakistan defeated John Whitty of England 4 frames to 2.

In the first frame Shahzad placed excellent snooker when he was down by 48 points with 35 on board. He got back into the game and scored balance 35 points to win the frame by two points. Though he lost the next two frames where Whitty scored good breaks of 77 and 55 points to gain 2-1 lead but after that Shahzad countered by producing 93 points break to level again.

Shahzad also claimed the very tightly contested fifth frame and continued in next with a break of 50 points to close the proceedings 4-2.

Wael Talaat from Egypt played brilliant under pressure. He was down by 3 frames and after that his rally of four straight wins against Kiashan Moodley of South Africa was worth watching.

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