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Joshi exit early; lost to Bhaskar in Last 32

Devendra Joshi - India Devendra Joshi - India IBSF Media

Bhaskar kept the balls rolling for last 100 points to knockout former World No.2 and fellow countryman, Devendra Joshi in Last-32 stage match.

Bhaskar and Joshi, both were extra cautious and avoided any silly mistake that could lead any chance to other in last 32 match they played against each other. The match had no big break by either of them till both reach the 400 points mark on board but after that when Joshi missed a crucial shot, Bhaskar grabbed that last chance and converted into winning century break to step in Last 16.

Young lad from India, Dhvaj Haria scored double century break (228) and continued with 97 and unfinished 58 to defeat Steve Brookshaw from England. Steve managed to score only a century break of 111 points before accepting the defeat 290-500.

The top seed of knockout stage, Peter Gilchrist from Singapore remained the first to wrap proceedings of his match amongst all 8 matches been played in morning session. He scored a break of 280 to knockout Aditya Agrawal from India 500-106.

Dhruv Sitwala from India, however, advanced to Last 16 after getting walkover from Christopher Taylor from England

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