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Duane Jones, the first 6Reds World Champion

Duane Jones, the first 6Reds World Champion IBSF Media

Duane Jones from Wales won the first ever 6Reds World Championship been played here in Carlow, Ireland from 30th September - 6th October 2013.

In the final he defeated the local lad Michael Judge (Ireland) 6-4. Jones played brilliant to win first three frames one sided but after that Judge succeeded to pull back fourth frame. Jones did not want to waste his hard work and won two more frames to leave Irishman way behind.

The Irishman was also not agreeing to loose like this and he fought back to pull three frames in a row but failed to give a complete finish and settled for the silver.

Joint bronze medal was shared by Shivam Arora (India) and Adrian Ridley (Australia)

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