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Daria Sirotina to meet Ng On Yee in Women 6Reds final

Daria Sirotina, Ng On Yee Daria Sirotina, Ng On Yee IBSF Media

Unlike other category semi finals, Women 6Reds semi finals ended pretty fast and in one sided affair.

In first semi final, Daria Sirotina from Russia took on her compatriot Anastasia Nechaeva and defeated in straight set of frames 3-Nil. First two frame had close finish on black ball but the last frame was absolutely one sided with a score 67-14 in favour of Daria.

Similarly the other semi final was also between players from Hong Kong, Ng On Yee and Ip Wan In Jaique and in that former World Champion Ng On Yee registered 3-Nil win over her compatriot Jaique withtout giving much chances. Score: 45-04, 29-21, 34-10

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