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Kakovski the last one to enters in top-66 knockout

Ivan Kakovski of Russia Ivan Kakovski of Russia IBSF Media

Out of 106 players for World Men Snooker Championship 2019, top-66 are now going to compete in the knockout single elimination round.

As mentioned earlier, Peng Junxu of China obtained the top-seed slot and other top 62 players have now been placed according to their performances in the Last-64 positions.

Four players will have to play the Last 66 stage and they are Elias Kapitany (65) of Austria against Ross Symes (64) of Jersey; and Daniel O`Regan (63) of Ireland vs. Ivan Kakovski (66) of Russia.

These two matches will be played tomorrow i.e. on 6th November at 10 AM alongside Last-45 stage matches of World Masters Snooker 2019.

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