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Jianbo missed the maximum; a good effort indeed

Zhao Jianbo of China Zhao Jianbo of China IBSF Media

Zhao Jianbo of China tried to go for maximum in the last frame of his match against Tomas Kubicek of Czech Republic and cleared 14 reds with black combination but the last red he missed and the chance of 147 too.

It was an easy match for Jianbo and he obtained 2-nil lead when Tomas recovered with one frame but Jianbo taken the control again and raised the lead 3-1 before his attempt for the maximum (147). After potting the black the cue ball landed near centre pocket with red lifted towards pocket No.3 with a cross angle, he tried and missed.

Meanwhile Anthony Krysa of Wales also scored century break (100) today while playing against Tudor Popescu of Romania. Antony started with the century break and later won all four frames convincingly. His third frame was slightly close but rest all frames were easy for him.

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