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Anuj Uppal hits two consecutive centuries

ANuj Uppal of India ANuj Uppal of India IBSF Media

Indian master’s player Anuj Uppal hit back-to-back two centuries while playing against Welshman Steven Thomas and defeated him 3-1.

Anuj lost first frame on 45-80 but in next he scored clearance break of 106 points. The same he followed in next frame and posted another clearance break of 105 to lead 2-1. Thereafter Welshman tried to recover but Anuj maintained his supremacy and won fourth frame also with a score of 58 against 30 to win the match 3-1. Anuj’s first break of 106 points is now the highest break of this competition.

Another side, Heath Williams of Czech Republic won his match 3-1 against Anthony Bonnar of Ireland. Heath started with break of 41 and obtained first lead but the second frame he lost and stood equal. Third frame was close which Heath won on pink ball game and then in next, he controlled quite well to close the proceedings 3-1.

Meanwhile Wayne Morgan of Wales also won his match against Mohammad Ali Alipour by winning the deciding frame. Interestingly they both won alternate frame and the match stayed for around 3 hours when Wayne declared winner 3-2.

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