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Munier Cassim survives against Ivan Kakovski

Munier Cassim of South Africa Munier Cassim of South Africa IBSF Media
South African player Munier Cassim saved the deciding frame to register 4-3 win against Russian best bet Ivan Kakovski.

This was one of the best match of today’s morning session where Munier dominated initially and curtailed Ivan on low score in the first three frames. The score-line was 66-01, 53-16 and 63-19 in favour of Munier but after that Ivan made a strong comeback with two breaks of 65 and 67 points and won back to back next three frames to set decider.

They both didn’t want to let go the decider easy and delivered their best. Munier, however, returned brilliantly once again and curtailed Ivan well to avoid any further damage. He maintained the lead till the end and won the match 4-3 scoring 60-51 in last frame.

Though Munier didn’t qualify for knockout but Ivan slipped to No.3 position in the group because of this result.
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